Mogador - Absinthe Tales of Romantic Visions

Absinthe Tales Of Romantic Visions (2012)

Catalog ref. : MOG03
Format : CD

Absinthe Tales Of Romantic Visions (2012)

Track List:
– Whispers To The Moon
– Dreamland
– She Sat And Sang
– We Never Said Farewell
– Where Were Ye All
– Hardships
– Incantation Of The Muse
– The Sick Rose
– Alone
– Song Of Saul Before His Last Battle
– Le Poison
– Prometheus
– Absinthe Rag (Ghost Track)

Tot 63:00

Recorded at Mentalchemy Dungeon Studio and Richard’s mezzanine percussion loft space between October 2011 and June 2012

Produced and mixed by Luca Briccola

Graphic design by Luca Briccola

– Richard Allen (Drum, Percussion & Vocals)
– Luca Briccola (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Flutes, Vocals & Orchestration)
– Marco Terzaghi (Vocals)

– Gabriele Bernasconi (Vocals on “Alone” and “Prometheus”)
– Jon Davison (Vocals on “The Sick Rose”)
– Curzio Galante (Vocals on “Le Poison”)
– Agnes Milewski (Vocals on “She Sat And Sang”)
– Filippo Pedretti (Violin on “She Sat And Sang”)